Speed Reading Tips For Creating A Photographic Memory – Remembering Numbers

If you are like many of the people who email me, than you are probably struggling to remember numbers. Numbers, and statistics can be very frustrating to learn.

For example, in business you often have to learn SKU numbers for various products. Numbers that have no real meaning. Percentages, dates, phone numbers, all combine to create a number nightmare at work.

In school the problem is just as difficult. Learning constants for science and math often frustrate many students. In fact, the statistics on math are far more dismal than the statistics on reading. The numbers show that 28% of high school senior can’t read. Now remember that 40% of the students drop out, and that seniors represent the best of the bunch. This makes this statistic even worst. But when you look at the statistics for math it gets even worst. Imagine 38% of high school seniors can not count. I am not talking about Calculus or Geometry. I am talking about fractions, decimals, and percentages. While they study calculus in Europe in the 7th grade our 12th graders can do simple math. It is little wonder that we are losing more and more jobs to countries whose students learn to read, write, and count. Let’s begin solving the math problem in this article by learning a simple technique for remembering numbers.

The number 3.14 is very important. Many of you may recognize this as the value of Pi. Pi is a constant used in geometry to measure the area or circumference of a circle. This number is challenging to learn using rote memory techniques. Instead picture the date March 14. You can write out the date for March 14 as 3/14. What do you think is easier to remember 3.14 or March 14? Numbers often lack content. You brain doesn’t see a reason to retain the information. Dates on the other hand provide context. If you turn a constant to a date you will find it much easier to learn.

As an exercise try converting constants you need to learn at work and school into dates. You will find it much easier to remember them using this very easy to learn technique. Enjoy.