How to Prolong Ejaculation – 3 Tips You Can Use Tonight to Prolong Your Ejaculation

In this article, you will find some great tips and tricks you can use tonight to prevent premature ejaculation and last longer. The first thing I want you to be aware of are your breathing. If you focus 100% on your breathing from the very beginning, you will last longer.

The key here is to go into some kind of meditation state, where you are aware of the sensations in your nostrils and your chest and not so focused on the sensations in the other parts of your body.

Next, you need to control your thoughts. The joke about thinking of your third grade math teacher is not that ridiculous after all. If you can control your thoughts and be somewhere else in your mind, then you will find that lasting longer becomes a lot easier.

If you do not want to think about your teachers, you could also experiment with placing yourself on the beach or something similar (with the power of your thoughts). It is all about what is working for you.

Finally, there is something called the stop and go technique. If your partner is aware of your problems, then you can practice this technique together. Every time you are about to ejaculate, STOP. Wait a minute or two and then go at it again.

These tips can help you in an emergency where you need to be in better control of your ejaculation. If things are a bit more planned, I suggest that you go and get some really thick condoms as they will numb your penis and prolong your ejaculation.