How to Make a Million Dollars From Nothing – 2 Different Internet Business Models That Can Help You

There are many entrepreneurs who have managed to make a million dollars from nothing. The Internet has made things even easier. In fact, there are many ordinarily people who became Internet millionaire after starting their own Internet business.

Here are 2 different Internet business models you can consider pursuing.

1) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing simply means selling someone else’s product for a commission. There are thousands of affiliate programs you can apply for and they are free to join. You only earn money when you manage to sell a product.

Do not underestimate the profit potential of affiliate marketing. There are people who made millions of dollars just by selling other people’s products.

Let’s do some simple maths. Perhaps you are selling an eBook which is $50. If the commission rate is 70%, then you will be making $35 per sale. Just 4 sale a day and you are already making $140 per day. This means you can probably quit your day job.

Want to earn more? Simple! Just sell more.

2) Creating Your Own Product

For some people, once they are doing well in affiliate marketing, they will begin to create their own products. Of course, there are people who do not like the hassle of creating their own products. Thus they stick to affiliate marketing and they are still doing very well with it.

However, creating your own products does give you a lot of advantages. First, you earn the full amount rather than 75% or 70%, whatever the commission rate is. Second, you can now recruit other affiliates to sell your product for you.

They do the work and you still collect some money. That is the advantage of having your own products. If you have a very successful product, just one product can make you millions of dollars.

Of course, not every product you create will be a big hit. Some may make you $300 per month on autopilot. Some may make you a few thousand dollars per month. But when you have lots of products selling on the Internet, it all adds up.