How to Excel in Mental Math

Currently, people have different definitions as far as mental math is concerned. For some, it is the ability to perform mathematical functions from the head while for others, memorizing tables and formulas are what they regard as math. Whatever you may term as mental math may not be put into consideration. However, there are several plans that can surely help you master the practice of mental maths.

Memorizing math formulas and the multiplication is one sure way of succeeding in such. During the early days of primary school, mathematics classes are the most dreaded considering that the process of memorizing the multiplication table was an arduous task. As much as it may sound boring, it is a reliable method of success. It needs not just commitment, but concentration and perfection. When you can comfortably handle functions such as 39*24 in your head, then you should know that you are making commendable progress. It is justified for one to argue that such kind of calculations are not in the day to day situation. However, it is relaxing and prestigious to know that it is achievable. For the schooling children, it is unavoidable to escape this part in the study of mathematic.

Many of the school going children have the perception that math is a difficult subject and boring at the same time. There are some people who tend to be enthusiasts of math and they have gone out of their way to get the children to enjoy the subject without using either a pen and paper or calculator. The Abacus mental math method is one of the methods with its roots in Asia. This one teaches simple functions such as division, addition, addition and multiplication. This method teaches how to perform even long calculations mentally with ease.

The other method is Vedic. It is a bit complex in its nature because in addition to the basic mathematic functions, it teaches how to perform complex calculations. Some of these include geometry, statistics and algebra. This is a sure way of excelling in mental math. It also increases the speed at which a test is done.