Sudoku Tips and Tricks for All the Family

Because Sudoku is a type of crossword puzzle based on numbers and not words, it is not easy to describe it with words alone. The basic formula is very simple – just fit the numbers 1-9 in their correct positions and you complete the puzzle.

The three Sudoku conditions imposed are that each number may only be used once in each row; once in each column and once in each of the nine internal squares. It is important to be aware of the options this actually closes when you insert a number in any square. Diagrams, illustrating this poin,t can be found in the website whose link is placed at the end of this article,

Each person will develop their own style for solving their puzzles, but the more successful players will use logical processes rather than just wild guessing. A disciplined approach with careful consideration of the evidence will lead more quickly to correct solutions. This is the nearest it gets to being a Mathematics puzzle!

Wikipedia suggests that Sudoku Puzzles were invented in the late 1970’s in America. The puzzles were published under the name Number Place. These puzzles were slow to catch on, but were copied and developed in Japan about ten years later, under their new name of Sudoku meaning a single number. By 2005 the craze had begun and was sweeping the world.

They soon became very popular, with daily puzzles being printed in newspapers and books of puzzles flooding the market. The only real input from Japan being the use of the name- Sudoku. These fascinating puzzles still continue to grow in popularity worldwide.

The strange thing about solving Sudoku puzzles is that, although it is all about numbers,, you wont need mathematics to play it. There is no need to use any addition, subtraction, multiplication or division to start the game. You do not need to be a mathematical wizard to play Sudoku, or to have to worry whether 3X3=6 or 9. Logical mind and high reasoning power are the Sudoku Tips you need. You will certainly be exercising your brain cells, as well as having fun, when tackling the challenges of these puzzles.

Sudoku puzzles are certainly very appropriate for children of all ages. People of all ages enjoy the challenge of.sudoku puzzles. These challenges have so many benefits in childrens’ development. Sudoku not only encourages number skills and basic logic training, but it encourages the development of concentration and mental discipline in young children.

A major Sudoku Tip would be to use solving Sudoku puzzles as a great stress buster. The Sudoku addicts become so engrossed in solving them, that they are able to shut out the problems that are surrounding them in the outside world. People use them to fill in waiting times at Doctors’ surgeries, at the train station and other boring situations.

My final Sudoku Tip in this article would be to suggest you make a commitment to yourself, to change from depending upon lucky guesses in tackling your puzzles, to learning the logical approach. This will ensure you will become an expert, Sudoku puzzle solver instead of being just a Sudoku addict.

Dr E D Gordon