Proper Parenting

Whether a single parent or otherwise bringing up a child can be quite a daunting experience as well as being a lot of fun. As a parent myself, I wanted my child to have the life I never had, so I enrolled my daughter in all types of activities such as dancing, piano lessons, theatre groups and sports activities. I had her privately tutored for maths and even looked into private schooling. While all of this is good for developing a child’s confidence, it’s no guarantee that the child will grow to fit you’re expectations in later life.

In some cases a child may inwardly resent the pressure of being involved in so many things all at once, and become bored over a period of time. It then becomes a chore for them and then resentment may begin to set in and we don’t want that. One of the best ways to really encourage your child to do well in life is to be the example for them. Children usually follow in the footsteps of their parents or at least one of them. This is how family businesses are handed down through generations.

Believe it or not the parent is the biggest mentor and influence in the life of a child. It’s interesting to note that they judge their own measure by that of their parents even if they don’t get along with them, it takes place unconsciously.

Young minds will mimic their mentors such as parents and teachers so it’s not surprising that if you sign yourself into adult education classes chances are your child will be keen to follow you even if it’s later in their life. Leading by example is the best way to educate children of all ages.

It doesn’t matter what you take up yourself it can be fun classes such as art, glass making to writing and computers and sport, whatever it is make sure you do it with passion and enthusiasm to ensure that this type of energy keeps flowing in your household. This is almost a guarantee of a successful life for children.

It’s not difficult when children are very young to get to know your movements and that can be a positive thing or not, and a child will almost always judge his or herself on that of the parents no matter what other people tell them outside of the home. The strongest influences are in and around what you do in the home and even outside of it so make sure your ticking all the right boxes yourself and it’s a win situation.