Easy Math Tricks

The easy mental math tricks are being taught in a number of schools across the globe, and the internet is greatly contributing to the speed at which they are being accessed. They are seeking more because of the fact that they are aiding people solve what they have previously considered difficult mathematical problems.

Research has proved that the easy tricks are greatly responsible for solving seemingly huge sums in record time. A spot check on some of them has revealed that acquiring the product between a number such as 345672 and 11 can be within six seconds. The simple trick lies in multiplying the number by ten and then adding the original number to the product. Naturally, encountering such a great number triggers a negative chain of reactions that would have made one despise the entire problem. It is evident that after learning such simple tricks, people are now appreciating the power of mental math tricks.

Analysts are however also redirecting the reason for the high affinity of mathematics in what was previously a non-responsive multitude to the human brain. They are saying that in as much as the easy math tricks are making things easier, the human mind is a super productive tool. This therefore places it in a position where it can easily process huge amounts of information albeit slowly. The existence of these math tricks has only served to enhance the speed of getting the results. In other words, the brain is capable, only that it is lazy.

The easy math mental tricks have found their way into school curriculums for young children. Most have been from ancient methods whose origin is East Asia. Experts are also emphasizing on the exploitation of the brain’s capacity to process lots of information within the shortest time possible. This, they have observed, is going to develop a liking for mathematics as soon as the brain is accustomed. Mathematicians have maximally exploited this capacity of their brain, and the result is their being able to solve mathematical problems with minimal bare effort.


Easy mental math tricks are greatly influencing many people into liking mathematics. A liking to math has immense benefits, health wise, to a person. The internet is instrumental in ensuring that those with the interest are able to access the tricks, and they are not either being limited to any age bracket. Speed notwithstanding, these math tricks ensure that accuracy is also achieved. Though some sites are charging for provision of this information, others are offering it free. With the huge number that there is to choose from, learning the basic ones is being touted as the key to developing others.